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Including Your Dog in Your Wedding Day - Things to Remember

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

As a well admitted dog lover I have always been a fan when couples want their dogs to be a part of their day. As the furry member of your family they hold a special place in your heart and your relationship between the two of you.

With all that being said, having your furry member of your family be included can come with some extra work or things you need to consider. Here is my run down of important things to do to plan ahead and make sure it is as seamless as possible...

  1. Personality - Can your dog sit patiently through the ceremony? Do the love to bark at the worst times? Do they like being in large crowds with lots of attention? Make sure you gauge their temperament. While I love both of my fur babies, they both would struggle in this type of environment.

  2. The Venue - Most importantly, make sure the venue(s) are dog friendly. You do NOT want to book your venues and then find out later that they do not allow pets. While I think this is an easy one to remember it is still critical to point out. This also includes any hotel you might be staying in the night before.

  3. Inform the Photographer - Make sure your photographer is comfortable with your pet. You and your photographer will also be able to plan ahead for some cute shots with you all together.

  4. Practice Makes Perfect - Rehearse with your dog. Giving them the opportunity to see the environment and what is expected of them will help them and you make sure they are prepared for your wedding.

  5. During the Reception - Now that the ceremony is over you will need to make sure you have planned ahead on what to do with him/her. This might be a good time to hire a pet sitter who can pick them up after the ceremony. No matter what you decide, I recommend you designate a friend or family member to be the point of contact on this. You are supposed to be enjoying your night and stressing about them shouldn't be a concern.

  6. Inform Guests - This might not be necessary for all weddings, but if you know someone who might be allergic or possibly afraid of dogs, it will be important to give them some advance notice. This could be in the invitations, on your wedding website, or even just a quick text.

Did you have your dog or pet in your wedding? Did anything happen you wished you had planned for in advance? Let me know your thoughts!

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